Saturday, April 13, 2013

Darwin's Gold Glove

Darwin Barney was presented with his Gold Glove yesterday for his amazing defensive season at second base last year that saw him rank 7th among all MLB players in UZR (15) and 6th overall in UZR/150 (17.2).  These pictures are straight from Bleacher Nation, I thought this great:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ranking the hitters

I'm doing a weekly series on ranking the top 150 batters for fantasy baseball over at Vigilante Baseball.  Check out week one.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cooper's dream

In light of Carlos Marmol's struggles in his first two appearances of the year, which have seen him give up four hits, three earned runs, two walks, and one hit batsmen in just an inning and a third of work, I felt it necessary to post this text message from my brother Cooper:

Luckily somehow Marmol has not caused the Cubs to lose a game yet, and he did miraculously get the save yesterday.  I may need to change the name of this blog soon, however.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Looking for a shortstop on the waiver wire?

Jean Segura, the Milwaukee Brewers rookie starting shortstop, was just dropped in my keeper league and I could not contain my excitement.  At the end of our annual auction draft I had drafted too many offensive players and ESPN would not allow me to draft any more, so I had to watch as Segura went for $1 as one of the last players taken.  On my way driving to work today I couldn't wait to see if I had won him on waivers, although I held the last wavier priority in the league.  The last time I was driving to work hoping I had won a waiver was just a few weeks ago as I was trying to add Matt Carpenter in the same league, having not been able to draft him for the same reason as Segura.  In that instance, the league commish won the waiver and brought me down from my post-draft high, so I was fully expecting for him to have beaten me to Segura, especially after seeing that I had traded away Rickie Weeks last night.  Much to my delight, Segura is now mine, and if he is sitting out on your waiver wire, what are you waiting for?  Make him yours.

Despite the tangent on Jean Segura, this Vigilante Baseball article actually focuses on Everth Cabrera, with some scouting reports from Baseball America on Andrelton Simmons, Josh Rutledge, and my boy Jean Segura.

Everth Cabrera and middle infield sleepers