Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Len Strikes Again

While Derrek Lee stayed hot last night with a moonshot to left off of Nick Masset for his 22nd home run of the season, Len Kasper also kept his hot streak alive with a bomb of his own,

(after 15 second of dead air...the strikes always seems to be filling that dead air...)

"If you were wondering, I was too and I think I answered my own question. Gorzelanny, it's a 10-letter last name, I thought maybe it could be one of the longest in Cubs history, then I remembered, Mark Grudzielanek was a Cub. I believe that's 14 letters, in Grudzielanek.........(10 seconds go by) 12 yeah 12 for Grudzielanek, then you have Todd Hollandsworth, which is uh 13!"

Wake me up when the inning's over my gosh. Why Len, why are you boring us with the number of letters in the last names of old Cubs? Then you go and guess at how many letters in Grudzielanek. Seriously, a blind guess at Grudzielanek. I would have been forced to hit the mute button if Gorzelanny hadn't grounded out to end the inning. It's like Len get's all anxious when that dead air slowly ticks by and he knows he has nothing to fill it, something in his brain triggers and says, "hey I better say something stupid here quick!"

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