Sunday, August 23, 2009


After repeatedly bashing Len Kasper, I feel obligated to post this comment which made me laugh out loud during game one of the recently completed series against the Dodgers. Referring to the writing on the left field wall in Dodger's Stadium that dubs the area "Mannywood" here is Len and Bob:

Bob: The Cubs need to try to take some liberties when they can on Manny Ramirez in left field, he's a disinterested defender at best. Spends a lot of time out there talking to the fans, working on his "do," thinking about his next at bat.

Len: It's Mannywood, Bob.

Bob: I guess so.

Len: Lot to live up to out there in left. Can't just play left. You're the King of Mannywood!

Kasper then proceeded to kill any positive momentum he had created by doing about three or four painful John Lovitz impersonations after the camera spotted him, but have to give him credit for "King of Mannywood," that was pretty good.

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