Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Z: "My problem is I've been lazy"

This is just plain ridiculous. Out with a bad back, apparently due to poor abdominal strength, Zambrano is admitting something I'm guilty of on a daily basis, however, when a grown man signs a $91.5 million contract, one would hope he could do some leg lifts before bed a few times a week to keep up at minimum a non slob-like appearance. If you show up early to Wrigley Field next week for batting practice though, chances are you won't see Carlos Zambrano doing bicycle crunches anywhere near the field. Zambrano has been blessed with incredible God-given talent, because of this he seemingly believes can simply breeze on by throughout his career without ever stopping to think, "this is a gift, I should appreciate and take care of it." Amazing.

"I don't like, but I have to. There's things in life you don't like, but you have to do it."

You think?

"I don't like to do abs but I will have to start doing my abs everyday and be serious."

My gosh Z, you think it's time to "be serious?" Uh, yeah I'd agree. I think it was time to "be serious" back in January, preparing for the season. Fifty crunches at night in the offseason is not too much to ask for a guy making $600,000 a start.

Carlos, to his credit, has been a thoroughbred throughout his career; failing to reach 200 innings only once in his first six full seasons in the majors. However, with that one year coming last year, it appears that Carlos may have to do more than just eat his Wheaties in the morning to keep himself in playing shape these days.

At 28, Zambrano is no longer the 22-year-old who took a rotation spot and ran with it in the doomed season of 2003. The flip side though, is that Carlos is yet to reach his "prime ages" as a pitcher; typically pitchers truly blossom at ages 28 to 32. If Carlos doesn't start to "be serious" as he suggests though, his career could continue it's downward trend. I'll state for the record my faith in the Big Z.

Zambrano will pitch for Peoria on Thursday to prepare for his next scheduled start August 25 against the Nationals. Let's hope his abs don't cramp up now that they're actually being used.

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