Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Favorite Songs of 2011

Yeah, it is a little late for this list, and I am very interested to hear what 2012 has to offer. There were some impressively catchy songs released this year, but the offering as a whole was a little lacking in depth compared to previous years. A songs list is also just so difficult to finalize because songs are constantly being shifted. Really, a list like this should probably never be made, as music is meant to fit certain moods with one song sounding amazing in a certain setting, and out of place in another. For some reason though, year end lists seem to be built into our DNA. They're also just fun to make. So without any more rambling, here are my favorite songs of 2011.

  1. RadioheadSeparator
  2. Cut CopyNeed You Now
  3. M83Steve McQueen
  4. Washed OutAmor Fati
  5. Unknown Mortal OrchestraHow Can You Luv Me?
  6. M83Midnight City
  7. Panda BearSlow Motion
  8. Cut CopyTake Me Over
  9. The War On DrugsCome to the City
  10. YuckOperation
  11. The AntlersNo Widows
  12. Hooray For EarthSails
  13. Panda BearAlsatian Darn
  14. PhantogramMake a Fist
  15. RadioheadCodex
  16. Gold PandaMarriage (Star Slinger Remix)
  17. 1, 2, 3 Riding Coach
  18. CultsYou Know What I Mean
  19. Blood DiamondsGrins
  20. Twin Sister Bad Street

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