Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Byrd lands in Chicago

Marlon Byrd's landing was about as exciting as watching the seagulls circle Wrigley in the 8th inning, as Jim Hendry signed a blah player to a blah 3 years $15 million contract. This isn't such a bad signing though, Hendry landed an average center fielder for market value. Think about that. When has Hendry ever not over-payed average players, or payed perceived market value to bad players. Jacque Jones December of 2005, 3 years $16 million dollars. Worm-burnin' Jacque Jones got more money than Byrd who hit a respectable .283/.329/.478 last year after hitting .298/.380/.462 and .307/.355/.459 the previous two years while playing an average center field. Back with his old hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, Byrd may be a late bloomer as his slugging percentage is trending upwards each of the last three seasons and his 20 bombs last year doubled his previous career high.

Much like the seagulls waiting to peck at mustard-stained hot dog wrappers or overturned boxes of popcorn, the Cubs circled the center field options slowly, dragging out a Milton Bradley trade only to get the worst possible return, meanwhile missing out on a superior defensive center fielder in Mike Cameron all the while failing to once again never EVER trade a prospect at his peak value (19-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro) and watching a perfect fit in Curtis Granderson be stolen by the Evil Empire (but we'll trade Felix Pie for Garrett Olson and Henry Williamson). Byrd is getting up there in age as he turns 33 this coming season, so the Cubs may be looking to unload him for 2012. For now though, Hendry gets a pass. Not a bad deal.

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