Friday, January 15, 2010

Da Bulls

You have to love the Bulls starting lineup presentation. It's just bizarre, yet there seems to be so much effort put into it that you have to appreciate the fact that they are going 150% all out to make sure it looks cool. I mean, what other team turns off the lights, starts up the lasers and puts up graphics on the board of their teams mascots hoarding together and running through the streets? It's great, a pack of angry bulls running through Chicago and down Madison street, trampling towards the United Center. The best part of it all is when they see the opposing team's bus parked outside and the lead bull lowers his horns before they all gloriously bust through. It all seems completely ridiculous until the familiar sound of the Alan Parsons Project starts up and you remember all those old Bulls teams of the 90's you'd used to watch, when that dun-da dah-duh would put a smile on your face as you prepared to watch Jordan dominate. The Bulls spent the entire last decade wallowing in the muck between average and below average, but this year's team has actually been exciting lately, playing good defense with a stable of young, athletic big men who can run the floor as Derrick Rose dishes it out. The Bulls, for once, actually look like a competent, competitive team.

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